Bealeton and Warrenton Axle Repair and Service

Your axle shafts are the last link from the rest of the drivetrain to the wheels.  Not only do they have to deal with the forces required to make your vehicle drive, they also have to deal with flexing to accommodate steering and suspension movement.  Most axle shaft assemblies consist of two joints with a shaft connecting them.  The joints have accordion shaped rubber boots to allow movement while also keeping dirt and grime out of the joint.  The most common failure we see in axle assemblies is failed boots.  The boots tear from age or punctures from road hazards.  Once the boot is torn the integrity of the joint itself is compromised.  Dirt and grime mixing with the grease cause accelerated wear on the joint itself.  This wear eventually leads to clicking sounds and bucking while turning tightly.  The torn boots also make quite a mess with grease slinging out of them at high speed and coating the undercarriage.  


Call us today if your steering is clicking and binding in turns or you’re seeing grease where it shouldn’t be underneath.  We can raise your vehicle up on the lift and see exactly what’s needed to address the problem.  

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