Bealeton and Warrenton Brake Repair and Service

The braking system is one of the most important systems on your vehicle for safety.  We spend quite a bit of time inspecting and documenting the brakes system in our courtesy inspections because of this.  Not only do we want to check and make sure that your brake system is up to the task currently.  We want to make sure that it’s going to remain that way until your next visit.  We thoroughly inspect and measure the wear parts in the system.  This lets us see trends over multiple visits and lets us gauge how much life the brakes have for each individual vehicle we see.  We also measure the moisture content of the brake fluid with each inspection.  Did you know that brake fluid is designed to absorb moisture?  This helps keep the system internals from corroding.  The fluid can only hold so much moisture though, before it begins to lose performance.  Checking the moisture content lets us know when it’s time to change the fluid rather than guessing.  


The vast majority of our brake repairs are performed using factory parts.  We’ve found them to be the best balance of performance and wear.  No one likes brake noise or vibrations so we take extra care in cleaning, inspecting, and lubricating all of the mating surfaces properly. We also pay close attention to the way the calipers retract.   This along with always installing brake pads and brake rotors as a matched set goes a long way toward keeping your brakes noise and vibration free.  


Just like everything else in a modern vehicle, computer systems are used to control various aspects of the brake system.  Between anti lock brakes, traction control, skid control and even electric master cylinders there are a lot of electronics to control what used to be a simple hydraulic system.  Many newer vehicles need a scan tool just to bleed the air from the system.  Some even need a scan tool to retract the parking brake for simple brake pad changes.  We’ve got you covered here as well.  With factory scan tools and service information, we have everything we need to service your brakes top to bottom.  


If you’ve got noise, vibration, or warning lights on the dash call us today and find out how we can get you back to stopping like your vehicle did when it was new.  

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