Bealeton and Warrenton Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Is your dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree?  Modern vehicles can have 20 or more computers on board.  The dash warning lights are their way of letting you know that something isn’t quite right somewhere in one of the systems.  If your vehicle has a check engine light, ABS light, airbag light, or one the other myriad of warning lights illuminated call us today to see how we can help.  


Most warning light appointments will start with an estimate for initial testing.  In this initial phase we’ll ask you questions about anything you may have noticed around the time the light came on.  Things that can be helpful to us are strange sounds, smells that aren’t normal, weather that was out of the ordinary, anything that may have felt off.  The more information we can get before we dive in the better.  Even if it seems unrelated, sometimes small hints can make a huge difference. 


Once we’ve got all the relevant information one of our technicians will start digging.  We’ll start by hooking one of our factory scan tools up to the vehicle and seeing what codes and data are stored.  We’ll then cross reference those with factory service information and technical bulletins. 


Sometimes we can tell just from service info and stored/current data what the issue is.  In that case we’ll write up an estimate for the needed repairs.  In instances where the issue isn’t easily seen in the data alone we’ll provide an estimate for the next steps in testing.  We’ll follow the factory troubleshooting charts and document the results along the way.  Once the issue is found we’ll add those needed repairs to the estimate for your approval.  We’ve got the tooling, training, and resources to sort out most any problem on your vehicle.

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