Bealeton and Warrenton Auto Electrical Repair

When most people think of electrical on a vehicle they think of the battery, the alternator, or the charger. While these are the cornerstones of the electrical system, pretty much everything in your vehicle relies on electricity to get it’s job done.  All of the engine sensors rely on a steady voltage from the battery and alternator to report accurate information to the computer.  Your windows and power door locks are electrical.  Even the seats on most vehicles are electrically adjusted.  With miles of wiring and hundreds of connections in a vehicle there’s lots of room for things to go wrong.  Anything from brittleness from age, corrosion for salt water, to even rodents having a snack can introduce gremlins in the system.  We’ve got the testing equipment and wiring schematics to track down what ails your electrical system.  


If things aren’t working quite like they used to, or you’ve got random electrical gremlins schedule an appointment and we’ll get the electrons back to flowing freely.

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