Pre-Purchase Inspection

There’s no need for you to rely on luck when purchasing a used car. You need to know the history of the vehicle before you make that big decision. The majority of dealerships around the country offer services such as a Carfax report in order to assist in shining some light on the history of the vehicle. Bear in mind that even though these pre-purchase reports can tell you the history of the vehicle, they cannot tell you for certain whether the vehicle is safe to drive or not.

It is extremely important for vehicles to have the proper preventative maintenance. A pre-purchase inspection can give you an experts opinion on the vehicles systems and parts. For example, inspecting a used vehicles tires, engine, hoses, belts and other important engine components can determine the difference between asking the price of the car, or the never-ending investment in repair bills.

Our shop has a longstanding reputation with our customers in the area. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and provide top-quality auto repair, without trying to sell you unnecessary repairs or services.

We have a team of ASE certified, experienced and trained technicians that are ready to assist you with a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle you are about to purchase. Our technicians’ advice is to have a pre-purchase inspection in case you are buying a vehicle with no warranty.

You can put your trust in our auto repair facility to provide you with a comprehensive review of your potential vehicle. Before you decide to buy a used car, let our team of expert technicians provide you with a complete and affordable pre-purchase inspection!

Pre Purchase and Post Purchase Inspections

Over the years we've seen hundreds of Land Cruisers come through our doors. While we certainly haven't seen it all, we have seen our fair share of issues and cover ups on Cruisers. Whether you're looking to purchase a new to you truck or you've already purchased and are in need of a baseline, call us. We can help. Having seen so many Land Cruisers we know the common modes of failure. We know to look for the swollen pesky heater hose on an 80 Series, the loose steering linkage on an FJ40, that one rust prone sway bar mount on the 100 Series. We're intimately familiar with Cruisers. It's what we do. With the Land Cruiser market continuing to go up in price we're seeing more and more trucks that should be parts vehicles packed full of body filler, shot with shiny paint, and sold as a restoration. Most of these trucks require thousands in traditional work to clear up the hacked together repairs that were done to get them "ready" to sell. South and Central American trucks that are being imported a lot lately definitely fall in to this category. Don't get conned by shiny paint and a fast talking sales person. Let us look it over before you put your hard earned money down. We'll let you know what's wrong and what it'll likely take to fix. You'll have the knowledge to either walk away from the deal or bargain for a better price. If you've already purchased a truck and it's lacking service records, we can check it over following our detailed checklist. Once we've got the checklist filled out we can write up a plan of attack and estimates to ensure years of enjoyment.

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