Bealeton and Warrenton Radiator Repair

An engine turns fuel into heat and motion.  Up to 65% of the energy from burning fuel in your vehicle is wasted as heat.  Your vehicle’s radiator is the main way that this heat is removed from the engine.  If this heat removal isn’t maintained severe engine damage can quickly occur.  Corrosive coolants, wide fluctuations in temperature, vibration, and age all have detrimental effects on your vehicle's radiator.  A small leak can quickly become a large leak leading to loss of cooling.  During our courtesy inspections we access the visual condition of the radiator and hoses (looking for aged plastics and leaks) as well as checking the coolant itself for acidity and proper freeze rating.  If an issue is found we can replace needed components and use our vacuum fill system to refill your system with the proper fluid.  We stock all of the different required coolants for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. 


If your vehicle is running warm or leaving spots in the driveway, let us know and we’ll get you back to keeping cool. 

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