Bealeton and Warrenton Steering and Suspension Repair

The steering and suspension systems are tied for second just behind brakes when it comes to safety.  The suspension locates the wheels below the vehicle and gives cushion to the ride.  It’s primarily made up of the control arms, shocks, and springs.  The control arms locate the wheels front to back and side to side as well as allowing for up and down movement over bumps.  The springs hold the weight of the vehicle up above the wheels and flex to allow the up and down movement of control arms.  The shocks are there to control the speed at which that up and down occurs.  Without shock absorbers your vehicle would be like driving on for pogo sticks bouncing randomly around.  Wear in the bushings of the control arms can make the location of the wheels less precise.  As you encounter bumps in the road the wheel will be able to move where it shouldn’t causing rattles and vibrations.  If the bushings or ball joints wear out to the point that they can no longer hold the wheel in place, the wheel can actually rip off of the vehicle. Not something you want to have happen at any speed.  


The steering has a bit simpler job than the suspension.  It really only has to point the wheels in the proper direction.  Where in the steering system though can cause your vehicle to wander and the steering wheel to shake.  Full failure of the steering system can cause loss of control of the vehicle.  Being able to point the wheels where you’d like them is a pretty important task.  We inspect all of the steering and suspension components during our courtesy inspections to make sure everything is safe and secure.  

If your vehicle wanders, pulls, shakes, or just makes weird noises over bumps call us and see how we can help.  

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