Bealeton and Warrenton Tire Services

Tires, they’re round and they spin. Pretty simple, right?  Tires are actually a very important part of vehicle safety and performance.  They are the only link between your vehicle and the road.  Tires need to be checked regularly for proper inflation and wear.  Tires that are out of spec can cause major issues in steering and braking.  They can also cause the ride of your vehicle to suffer. Wear patterns can be an indicator of issues further up the chain such as worn steering components and alignment issues.  Even worn-out shocks can be seen in the tire wear pattern.  

We check tire inflation pressure, tread depth, wear patterns as well as age with each courtesy inspection to make sure you stay safe.  


If your tires are noisy, rough-riding, losing air, or just worn out give us a call to schedule an appointment for replacement.

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