Tire Pressure Monitoring System Repair

Since 2007 tire pressure monitoring systems or TPMS have been required on all new vehicles.  TPMS systems use a small sensor mounted on the tires valve stem to send tire pressure information to the computer.  The computer then uses this information to set a warning light if the tire pressure goes below a preset level.  Over time the batteries in these sensors wear out and the sensor stops transmitting.  Or the sensors can be broken during tire changes.  Sometimes the sensors need to be reprogrammed due to tire rotations or switching between summer and winter tires.  We’ve got the proper equipment to test, replace, and reprogram your tire pressure monitor sensors.  


If your tire pressure warning light is on and you’ve verified that the tires have the proper pressure, call us and we’ll test the system and resolve your issues.  No one likes driving with lights on.  

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